Passion – where it all begins

I celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary last month (thank you thank you it was wonderful and we are still very happy). As most relatively “newlyweds” (with two almost grown kids!), we get the “How’d you meet?” question quite a lot. And, well, the truth is that we met on If it didn’t happen to you, it might be hard to relate to getting excited remembering your true love’s first email to you, but I do remember that email. I remember that he wrote about our close-in-age boys, our mutual gerbils, and our love of snow (actually I distinctly remember that he said he loved how I “waxed poetic about snow” – be still my heart!). I also remember how disillusioned I was at that point, with the idea that I could meet someone this way. Because up until then, something key had been missing.

So why am I telling you about how I met my husband in a business blog? Is this going to get all steamy?

Sorry, no, strictly G-rated stuff here! This blog is all about having fun at your business and in your life.

But what I remember most about my quest was the profile that had to be filled out, the questions asked, and how it really made me think hard about what kind of person I was looking for. Just what was that secret sauce that would draw me to someone? It wasn’t eye color, skin color, height, or weight. It wasn’t about having a particular job.

It was passion. Not the romantic kind – that comes naturally when there is an attraction between two people. Of course I wanted to meet someone with whom I shared a mutual passion for each other. But I was looking for someone who had a passion for something. I wanted to meet people who had real passion in their lives, who were living life as if every moment mattered, going for something they cared for deeply and making that happen.

What are your passions? Do you know? Where does “interest” end and “passion” begin? And is your business, or something that you do in your business, one of those passions? Do you even know what your passion is?

Does this woman ever stop asking questions?!

In my next post I’ll teach you a shortcut to finding your passion, and I’ll also share some resources that will help you turn that passion into action and a life that you love.

And if you just so happen to be “between relationships” right now, I highly recommend Here’s a hint about my top five passions – my son and my husband are in the top 2 spots! ┬áLet’s figure out what or who are in your top passion positions, and then work on making sure your life centers around them.

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